An ode to 2015

by Lolly

Hi there, it’s been a long time. time for a personal post, i think. i’ll did my own version of reviewing the past. this is gonna be so boring, but yeah, bear with me


let’s begin this post with a self-praise a bit. If i were to compare me today with me a year ago, i can proudly say i have improved. Yeay! Say yes to self-praise!~

I think i’m gonna reminiscence 2015 in a scattered way, so here we go..

In the beginning of 2015, a very good friend told me about an internship opportunity in one of the biggest e-commerce companies in Indonesia. I was skeptical at first. let me tell you, i was basically scared of everything. i was a lazy ass too i thought “why bother wasting my sacred one-month holiday only to add one more line under ‘experience’ in my resume”. but then, i took the opportunity, made my very first application letter and sent the most basic resume ever (LOL) to Zalora Indonesia. short story short, i was interviewed and got accepted a few hours later. ZLR will always have a soft spot in my heart, not only because it was my very first company, but also because it was a place where i learned professionalism, leadership, and most importantly, friendship.

My birthday. Ah, my birthday. i spent almost all hours of my birthday with my mom, and….myself. went to one of my favorite places in the world and spent 4-5 hours there reading a feminism book a very good friend recommended to me. i turned off my phone almost the entire day cause i just wanted to spend time with myself. i just wanted peace. my birthday ended beautifully with lots of greetings and wishes from friends, some weird greetings from my besties, a couple of message asking me where i had been, and a birthday greeting from a special someone i was trying to move on from. January went by just like that.

In February, i was busy with my internship, college stuff, and this event i had been working on for almost a year. I remember them as the most stressful days in the entire 2015. I was almost depressed (i think..) i hate waking up in the morning. I cried almost every two days and all i wanted was just to be home. i really missed my mom’s cooking and i just wanted to be with my parents. but March came, and finally, with help from lots of people, the event was finished; all the hard work was paid off and i felt like all burden in my life had just been taken away from my shoulder. i finally was able to sleep again and all i wanted was to smile all day 🙂

Around April, i was having a terrible broken heart (aw). I was thinking about this particular someone almost all the time and i grew tired of it. i decided this needed to stop, so i started opening up to lots of new people.

May were full with college stuff. I went to Jogja with two of my good friends as a team in an accounting competition. long story short, we failed miserably (as expected, LOL), but it ended up as a good memory for me. We had lots of good time (and laugh!) together and we delinquently went to some places in Jogja instead of coming to this mandatory game the committee had prepared for us. HAHA

June then came.The three-month holiday began this month. I had an internship in a second-tier accounting firm located in Sudirman. The first month of the internship was full of lots of free time because we weren’t assigned to clients yet. So, i spent this amount of free time talking to this new guy. He was cute. I mean, er…he was my type. Well, he had this broad shoulder and a beautiful wide smile, which made him superrr good looking. He was funny and we had lots of things in common. i kinda had a crush on this guy, but then….life happened. for reasons i don’t know, we started to grow apart and i found myself not talking to him anymore. i think this was the second heart break i had this year and i had a quite hard time because of this. LOL I was such a fool.

I think i got mad at him. i was angry. yeah,….I think I was. I started talking and meeting up with lots of new guys only to prove that there was nothing wrong with myself. i think i had dates almost every weeks LOL. it was real fun, i gotta admit. none was taken seriously, i was just having fun getting to know new people.

But the fun days ended when I bumped into this guy on July. oh god knows he was nothing near physically attractive, but i found every part of my body attracted to him. He was so vulnerable i think i just wanted to heal him, omfg what was i thinking? was i a saviour or something?? LOLLL but yeah, i really really liked him. I think i still do.

He was so nice, real funny, and a smart ass. He was really bright, but he never made me feel inferior. He never talked about anything i wasn’t into and he had this seriously good taste of music i still feel like making love with his playlist on here and now, i’m not joking here.

Long story short, i was in love (i think), but it didn’t work out, so yeah, i started feeling miserable again. i was at the lowest point in my life for weeks and i was so tired of it. i decided this needed to stop, so yeah, i started meeting lots of new guys (again) in September, and this time, i made sure i took none seriously. I met lots of strangers and yeah it’s always fun to get to know some strangers. I think September was probably the craziest month last year.

Around October, i bumped into someone, whom i am seeing currently. Things have been great between us, i guess, so i just hope we’ll be together for a long time. Amen.

Around November, i was kinda busy with college project. I started preparing for my next internship. I had terrible days doubting myself because i hadn’t successfully gotten myself into any firm or company yet. But for the love of god (i swear it was only because of Him) i finally signed an internship contract with one of the biggest accounting firm in the world. Fyuh~

So, here’s to sum up 2015:
Health: didn’t have any major sickness, but i desperately need a good diet ASAP. I never took running and swimming seriously, so that explained why i  barely lost any weight. I started to enjoy walking again though, thanks to my SO

Academics: I rarely skipped any class and always submitted assignment on time, and though i never really studied, i enjoyed 7th semester so bad. I had lots of free time! yeay! I could finally choose how to spend my days by my own, so i think 7th semester was the best time of my entire academics year.

Social life: surprisingly this sucker still has friends who care about her! I never really have a big circle of friends, i prefer to keep my closest ones close, but I made some new good friends i wish to keep for a long time. I got a lot closer with my old ones, and felt really thankful for the existence of my college fools. They are like my second family, really.

Experience: had 2 interesting internship experience. i quit my piano lesson and never touched my piano for a whole year though, which was disappointing. i also quit learning Korean,simply because i was such a lazy ass. This is so embarrassing to remember..

Spiritual life: this year’s was really bad, i never read bible outside church, barely prayed, and skipped going to church here and there. I even once doubted the existence of god, i’m just gonna blame this on the amount of atheist friends i made this year. HAHA. kidding.

Love life: went through a couple of heartbreak, fell in love twice (i guess), and seeing someone as of now.

Knowledge: i can proudly say i am a more open-minded person. I still have no idea about lots of things in the world, though. Being stupid feels hard, really, especially if you have a very bright SO who happens to know every little things under the sun.

that’s the end of my review. cheers to a brighter year and the more upgrading Lolly!

bhay by~