the maze runner and a red velvet cake

by Lolly

yesterday I was so longing for a red velvet cake I ordered a Grabbike to Grand Indonesia and bought myself a huge red velvet cake from Bread Talk. theirs is quite famous as it is massive, tastes fine, and is quite cheap as well. i went to starbucks on the lower ground (grand indonesia has 3 fyi) and enjoyed that red velvet cake from bread talk there (with the usual grean tea latte, ofc) while reading tan Malaka’s Madilog.

been having lots of me-time lately, and been enjoying almost all of them as well.

i even decised to saw that mediocre Maze Runner 2: The Scorch Trials by myself; suppressing my urge, along the movie, to fall asleep/runaway from theater/check out my phone every 10 minutes.

i sat beside a guy who turned out to watch alone too. “dude, we’re all in this together“, i encouraged him (in my mind).

he was so flat during the movie, didn’t give any reaction, didn’t smile, didn’t laugh, didn’t sleep either. i even had to re-check a couple of times, you know, was he still alive or not (turned out he still was (suprise, big time!!))

in a nutshell, this maze runner screamed huge meh-ness; predictable plots with terrible acting. Even the idea of the movie itself isn’t really original (the director was probably like, “guys, we ran out of creative plots. what are we gonna do?? about we throw walkers from The Walking Dead, instead! make them capable of chasing our main characters (fast) and make it at least 10 minutes of adrenaline! Sounds like a good idea, don’t you all agree??!?“).

i didn’t dare to expect anything above 2 out of 5 stars, but heck, was I still surprised the movie turned out to be as meh as 2/5.  i’m sorry Ki Hong-Lee, your cute face wasn’t in any help, at all (maybe bc your acting skill didn’t improve at all as well?)


um..yeah, your face actually helped ( a bit).

anyway, it was a great me-time. Looking forward for more 🙂

when was the last time you had time with yourself only?